Takeru from sweeTOXIC

Real Name: Takeshi Miyamoto

Part: Vocals

Date Birth: 11 May 1987

Blood Type: O


Height: 162 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Foot Size: 24.5 cm

Ring Size: cm

Family: Mother and older sister.

  • Favorite Perfumes: </li>

    Favorite Bands: 

    Strong Points: 

    Weak Points: 

    Likes: Watching movies, shopping, cute things

    Pets: Paku paku (his chihahua)

    Favorite Phrase: 泰山北斗 (TAIZAN Hokuto)

    Previous Brands: MALKOMALKA, Phillip Brown, ktz, Bernhard willhem, galaxxxy, GUT DYNAMITE, cabarets, LINDA, CANNY, SPX OS VEGA, new ERA

    Message: Show your lovely smile only to me 

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