Siam Shade (stylized as SIAM SHADE) was a five-piece Japanese rock band, which broke onto the visual kei

Siam Shade

scene in the early 1990s. They enjoyed a decade of relative popularity before disbanding in early 2002. Outside Japan, Siam Shade is best known for "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" (1/3の純情な感情), one of the many ending themes from the Rurouni Kenshin anime.

Members Edit

  • Hideki "Chack" Imamura (今村栄喜 Imamura Hideki) – vocals
  • Yasushi "Natin" Nakagawa (中川泰 Nakagawa Yasushi) – bass
  • Daita Ito (伊藤大太 Itou Daita) – lead guitar
  • Jun-ji Sakuma (佐久間淳二 Sakuma Junji) – drums
  • Kazuma Endo (遠藤一馬 Endou Kazuma) rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Ex-Members Edit

  • Ataru - lead guitar
  • A - drums

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